Lionel Messi scores his first goal of 2013

Pedro soon netted a double before Lionel Messi converted a penalty after Cesc Fabregas was brought down in the area. Their star, Argentina forward Leo Messi has finished 2012 with an astonishing 91 goals in all competitions and is now poised to become the first player to win four successive FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, sealing his status as the greatest player of his generation. The excitement was all in Barcelonas favor as the Catalan giants dominated the game with an emphatic 4-0 victory over the neighbor at Camp Nou. Lionel Messi 2013: Barcelona star answers critics with winners against AC Milan (Photos)

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Lionel Messi scored his first goal of 2013 as FC Barcelona played host to their crosstown rivals Espanyol in a thrilling derby match in the Spanish league on Sunday. The thrashing began with Xavis opening goal after just 10 minutes. This success brings Barcelona 17th win of the season and moves the club 12 points clear at the top of the table. It will crown another landmark year for the 25-year-old footballer if he can win over club teammate Andres Iniesta and rival Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid.

Lionel Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo: Star striker rushes to his girlfriend’s bedside for the arrival of his son Thiago

Lionel Messi wins prestigious Ballon dOr award for 4th year in a row

Lionel Messi is the overwhelming favourite to see off the challenge of Barcelona teammate Andres Iniesta and great Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo for FIFA Ballon d’Or award in Kongresshaus, Zurich on on January 7, 2013.

Lionel Messi Barcelona 2013

Messi 2013

A fourth straight title would lift the Camp Nou star above FIFA World Player of the Year three-time winners Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo of Brazil.

Lionel Messi 2013

Lionel Messi January 2013

Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona celebrates after scoring his team’s fourth goal during the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol at Camp Nou on January 6, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Argentine, who is the top scorer in La Liga this season with 25 goals, has also broken German great Gerd Mueller’s 40-year record for the most goals in a calendar year.

Facts about the Bleeding Tooth Fungus (Hydnellum peckii)

The fungus usually grows among mosses and pine needle litter at the base of coniferous trees. This type of mutualistic association that is particularly beneficial to the host is termed as ectomycorrhizal relationship.

Both Hydnellum diabolus and Hydnellum peckii look similar, but Hydnellum diabolus comes with a pungent sweetish odor.

Usually, the fruit bodies have a funnel-shaped cap with a white edge. The enzymes produced by the fungus convert the organic compounds into absorbable forms, and improve the plant’s mineral absorption capabilities. However, it has an extremely peppery, very bitter taste. Ecological factors, such as moisture, temperature, and availability of organic content to support their growth, determine the distribution of fungi.

The fruit bodies of bleeding tooth fungus are not produced consistently every year. The surface of a matured cap becomes tough and fibrous. As a result of this, the shape of the cap can be round or irregular, and the width can be 4 to 20 cm (7.9 in).

Because of the strange appearance of the young fruit bodies, this hydnoid fungus can be easily identified when young. Atromentin also carries useful antibacterial properties.


Kingdom: Fungi Division: Basidiomycota Class: Agaricomycetes Order: Thelephorales Family: Bankeraceae Genus: Hydnellum Species: Hydnellum peckii


When young, the cap is covered with hair. The tooth fungi produce spores on the tooth-like projections that emerge from the underside of the cap. The pinkish-white teeth also turn grayish-brown.

The bleeding tooth fungus is a mycorrhizal fungus. There are 3-5 teeth per square millimeter. It is found growing solitary, scattered, or even clustered together in forests dominated by jack pine, lodgepole pine, Douglas-fir, fir, and hemlock. Due to the red droplets that are present on the pinkish or whitish young fruit bodies, the fungus has earned the names ‘bleeding Hydnellum’ and ‘red-juice tooth’.

This fungus is found in North America, especially in the Pacific Northwest. On maturity, it turns grayish-brown and loses its characteristic features. It thrives in mountainous or sub-alpine ecosystems.

The fungus bioaccumulates the heavy metal caesium and plays an important role in the retention and cycling of caesium-137 in organic-rich forest soils.

The fungus comes with a cap and a stipe (stem). The bleeding tooth fungus is known as ‘strawberries and cream’, as it resembles the dessert. The fungus belongs to the genus Hydnellum, a genus of tooth fungi. One may think that a bleeding tooth fungus is a fungus that makes a tooth bleed, or some other grotesque interpretations may come to the reader’s mind after stumbling upon the name. Recently, it was discovered in Iran as well as Korea. It establishes a mutual relationship with roots of certain trees (hosts). Because of the red spots splattered across its white cap, the mushroom looks somewhat like a bleeding tooth. They contain a chemical called atromentin which exhibits effective anticoagulant properties like heparin. So, it is inedible.

Interesting Facts

Is Bleeding Tooth Fungus Edible?

Did You Know?

The colorful pigments produced by Hydnellum species are used to dye textiles. It is also seen in some parts of Europe (Italy, Germany, Scotland). They are slender, less than 5 mm (0.20 in) long.

Some Hydnellum species produce yellow drops while some produce coffee-colored drops. A stem can be 5 cm long, but only about 0.1 to 1 cm (0.0 to 0.4 in) may appear above ground. Fruit bodies, growing very close, often fuse together (the process is called ‘confluence’). The thick, short stems are often deformed. However, great variations in the shape have been noticed.. It should be noted that the absence of fruit bodies does not indicate the absence of its mycelium in the soil. So, the caps of mature fungi are smooth.

The fruit bodies can reach a height of up to 10.5 cm (4.1 in). So, counting the fruit bodies may not help determine the distribution of the fungus. It is seen growing on coniferous forest grounds. In return, it gets ‘fixed carbon’ from the host. The fungus has an exceedingly transient diploid state. The upper part of a stem is covered by threads while the lower part which is close to the ground is covered by thin hair.

A striking, thick red fluid oozes through the young fruit bodies when they are moist.

The ruby-red fluid that oozes through small pores of Hydnellum peckii, an amazing mushroom, looks like blood. During the process of aging, the fungus loses the hair. With the help of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, scientists can detect the presence of fungal DNA in the soil and can assess the distribution of fungi.

The fungus comes with a mild odor (similar to hickory nuts), and is not poisonous. In 1913, the American mycologist Howard James Banker first described the fungus scientifically.

During the life cycle of H.peckii, the dikaryotic (the fungus has two nuclei from different parents) and haploid states last for almost an equal amount of time

Vinyl Floors Can Transform Numerous Venues Even Premiership Football Clubs Like Liverpool

Vinyl floors

Vinyl floors ! I hear you say, wouldnt a new striker be of more use ? Well unfortunately I do not have a spare 25 million lying around but I have a product that will make the club more than that and they can buy three David NGogs. the town is additionally a crucial south Asian nation journeying center of the Indians. They have a reputation for innovation, class and trust. This has never been possible before and the world market has now been given this product.

Rameshwaram Tourer Places By: anjali – Rameshwaram is AN island settled on the tip of the Indian terra firma. It can be extremely difficult to consider by yourself an actual enthusiast these day … Tags: Rameshwaram tourer PlacesTravel To Himachal And Explore Traveler Places By: anjali – Its scenic splendor, snow lined mountain peaks etc. Obtaining certificates from connected locksmiths of the usa implies that a locksmith professional is r … In fact the whole of Anfield could be covered in vinyl floors.


The effect can be enhanced by Printed Spaces 360 degree room solution. (we might put Rafa Benitez in a corner somewhere) Then as you walk down the corridors the vinyl floors are covered in grass effect, an exact replica of the Anfield pitch with the definition so detailed you can see every blade of grass. They are greeted with vinyl floors covered with pictures of Liverpool stars, Kenny Dalglish Ian Rush, Roger Hunt, Billy LIddell.

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So where do Liverpool FC make money out of vinyl floors ? Well how many lads would like a picture of Kenny Dalglish or Fernando Torres on their floor or a floor that looks like the Anfield pitch that looks so real that you want to play football on it. Tags: http://propertytimesorg/project/prestige-casabella-resale-/Man Breaks Into Home, Hides Under Bed For Days By: Robert Siciliano – Wow, its true: The monster under the bed really does exist! Tags: home invaders, home invasion, home securityUse Tarp To Save Your Industrial Stock From Weather Hazards By: Flynn Tarp Hire – There are special tarps that comes with heavy duty and durability to bear heat and dust and protect your stock from damages caused by weather elementsTags: tarps Sydney, tarpaulin Brisbane, tarpaulin SydneyAll About Designing A Zinc Alloy Die Cast By: dunitzsantrino – Die casting is a technique used by many of the manufacturers for mass production of spare parts, automobile parts, and other small metal products.Tags: Zinc Alloy Die Casting, Die Casting Design

Vinyl floors would transform grounds like Anfield. Can you imagine how impressed visiting directors and embassadors of other clubs who visit will be as they enter the boardroom. Vinyl floors have come a long way since strips of wood grain effect. Tags: Travel to Himachal and Explore traveler PlacesVisit Asian Nation – Best Destination For Tours By: scat travels – India could be a best destination for tours whether or not its business tour or family and friends tour. Then at one end of the room all across the wall is a picture of the Kop with scarves held high in full flow of Youll never walk alone

We might not be able to solve Liverpools ownership dilemma or get them in the champions league for next season but digitally printed vinyl floors sales will certainly provide them with much needed revenue and give an amazing impression to to all who enter the promised land that is ANFIELD.

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Printed Space’s digitally produced Vinyl Floors are transforming 1,000 of businesses across the UK. Printed Space a small family business in Lancashire have developed the worlds first digitally printed vinyl cushion floor, that allows you to have any digital image put onto vinyl floors. it’s the place from wherever Lord Rama h … Vinyl floors have a cushion effect that makes it soft to the touch but when walked on will return to its original form. The scene pans out when the corridor opens out and you get the goalmouth with the penalty area market out and even the tufts of grass scuffed up where the goal keeper takes his kicks. Or a picture of Anfield from the sky. Tags: Visit Asian nation – Best Destination for ToursAbide By This Particular Good Post About Video Retrievals To Assist You To. Tags: Imperial Beach CA LocksmithBrief Talk On Mn Vacation Home Rentals, Northwest Vacation Rentals And Large Vacation Rentals In Min By: businesssolution93 – Minnesota is the place situated in the western part of United States, this place has a great biodiversity in geography and naturally very rich.

Tags: Admire The Specifications By: akansha tyagi – Brigade Construction: Established in 1986, Brigade is one of South India’s leading builders in Bangalore. Construction World has ranked Brigade …

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With all the financial trouble surrounding Liverpool FC and the disruption of the selling of the club, I have the answer to lifting the clubs spirits and bringing in vital revenue. Beamon – New music enthusiasts just about everywhere are aware that retrievals are actually exactly where it truly is from.

How many vinyl floors would it take to buy a striker ? or a Gary Ablett or Phil Babb ?


The great thing about having vinyl floors from Printed Space is not just being able to have any picture on your floor. By: John B. You then need the toilet and as you stand over the urinal you look down to see a photo of Alex Ferguson beneath you. this can be a rustic wherever numerous faith folks live along and that they welcome of tourist … Architects and designers are ecstatic that they not only have a different way of presenting vinyl floors to their clients but it is like offering them a brand new product. They print digital wallpaper as well as vinyl floors. this exce … and journey activities attract tourists from so much and wide places.Shimla, the capital of Himachal is AN idyllic honeymoon destination. Can you imagine walking through the main entrance and you walk over vinyl floors covered with pictures of past managers, greats such as Bill Shankley, Bob Paisley and Joe Fagan. Tags: comedies, western movies, dramasImperial Beach Locksmith “” First Locksmith Choice In Locksmith Imperial Beach Ca By: nadia – Selection and qualifications play a huge role if this involves an expert locksmith professional. Vinyl floors are also hygienic and easily kept cleaned.

GolTV Kicks off High Definition Channel with Exclusive Live Coverage of 2010 Emirates Cup

A current GolTV programming schedule is available online at AC Milan at 11:20 a.m. Celtic FC at 11:20 a.m. Hosted by Englands Arsenal FC, the two-day interleague competition features high-adrenaline match play between top European clubs, including Italys AC Milan, Frances Olympique Lyonnais and Scotlands Celtic FC. Featuring group-style play, each team competes in two matches, being awarded with three points for a win, one point for a draw and one point for each goal scored. This years Emirates Cup will carry over the excitement from the World Cup, and GolTV HDs crisp high-def picture and premium sound will enable viewers to truly immerse themselves in the action.

. The club with the highest point total at the end of the tournament claims the title of 2010 Emirates Cup Champion. 1.

The World Cup has piqued interest in international soccer and again proven that there are serious numbers of ftbol viewers in the U.S., said Rodrigo Lombello, COO of GolTV. Olympique Lyonnais at 9 a.m. ET LIVE Arsenal FC vs. Olympique Lyonnais at 9 a.m.

GolTVs exclusive North American coverage will include all four tournament matches on the networks standard and high-definition channels:

Saturday, July 31

LIVE Celtic FC vs.

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GolTV, the nations only independent bilingual channel delivering the most sought-after international ftbol, will kickoff its new high definition channel, GolTV HD, with exclusive live from London coverage of the 2010 Emirates Cup on July 31 and Aug. ET

Sunday, August 1

LIVE AC Milan vs. ET

Now in its fourth year, the Emirates Cup is an annual pre-season tournament hosted by Arsenal FC and held in Emirates Stadium in London.

The 2010 Emirates Cup is the first on GolTVs lineup of premier tournament and full season coverage to be offered in high definition, including matches in HD from top international soccer leagues like Spains La Liga, featuring soccer superstars such as Iker Casillas, Andres Iniesta and David Villa, who led the Spanish national team to the 2010 FIFA World Cup championship victory. ET LIVE Arsenal FC vs

Ronaldo or Suarez? | Yahoo Answers

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Arsenal transfer news: Arsenal ‘agree £21m fee to sign Arturo Vidal’ – reports

Its suggested Arsenal have agreed to pay 21m for the midfielder, and the deal would be finalised and announced after the end of the Copa America.


Manchester United have also been linked with Vidal but they are now focusing on other options.

MORE: Arsenal in transfer talks to sign worlds best young defender

Vidal, who has been linked with the Gunners for most of the summer, is looking likely to be leaving Juve following the arrival of Sami Khedira.

Arsenal 'agree huge fee to sign midfield superstar, announcement expected soon'The Arturo Vidal to Arsenal rumour is refusing to go away (Picture: Getty)

Arsenal have agreed a 21million deal with Juventus to sign Arturo Vidal, according to reports.

And after claims in Chile that hes agreed terms to sign, the Daily Telegraph quotes Italian sources saying a fee has now sorted for the transfer.

Chelsea keeping tabs on £30m Gonzalo Higuain

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Higuain is out of favour at Real Madrid and while there has been no official contact between the two clubs, Chelsea are monitoring the situation.

Torres, who signed for the west London club in a 50m deal in January, could be sold when the transfer window re-opens next month.

On the way out? Chelsea flop Torres could be sold in JanuaryOn the way out? Chelsea flop Torres could be sold in January

Paris Saint-Germain and River Plate are also considering a move for the 24-year-old striker.

‘He would be interested in what people have to say to him.’

A source is quoted in the Daily Star as saying: ‘Higuain is unhappy at being left out all of the time. He wants to fight for the title but was on the bench against Barcelona at the weekend when Real lost 3-1 and he knows where his place is now.

Chelsea are preparing a 30million bid to land Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain.

All white on the night: Chelsea are monitoring Real Madrid striker Gonzalo HiguainAll white on the night: Chelsea are monitoring Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain

The future of Fernando Torres also remains unclear.

Manager Andre Villas-Boas is short of options in attack after selling Nicolas Anelka earlier this month, while Ivory Coast international Dider Drogba will leave to play in the African Cup of Nations in January.

BySportsmail Reporter Updated: 02:12 EST, 15 December 2011

The 150,000-a-week striker has scored just three Barclays Premier League goals since his move to Stamford Bridge and Chelsea are prepared to listen to offers.

Your Poem: Liverpool Football Club.

All rights reserved.

When we put out our starting eleven The quality is class like

football heaven The atmosphere is great at our Anfield home Especially

when the crowd sing You’ll Never Walk Alone

Anfield is the home of the mighty red When other clubs come we put

them to bed Don’t forget Jamie C and Finnan as well Who’ll

give you attackers living hell

I support Liverpool FC The best team ever in history We’ve got

Stevie, Xabi and Rafa too And we’re the enemies of the white and




No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Byline: by James Halligan, aged 13

Bill Shankly led us to glory But that isn’t the end of the

mighty story Paisley won three and Fagan won one Rafa’s done it

again and the victories go on

Copyright 2005 Gale, Cengage Learning

GREEDY, GREEDY ARSENAL!; Soccer giants ban souvenir seller.

But Matthew, who has sold goods bearing the Arsenal shield and cannon symbol for 31 years, vowed to fight on.

He said: “I will be at the ground tonight as usual and we will have to see what happens next.”

Bruce Walker, the legal executive representing him, said: “He will not be giving in. Trading in the Arsenal logo, even as a mark of support, did not affect the club’s right to protect it.

Matthew Reed, who runs a stall outside the ground, failed to persuade the European Court he was using the Premier League champions’ trademark as a “badge of allegiance”.

“We have official stallholders which sell Arsenal merchandise for the right prices.

He said: “I might as well go all the way as this will affect a lot of small traders around the country.”

Anthony Misquitta, of British law firm Farrer and Co, said it was ”another victory for big brands over the rights of the consumer.”

But Arsenal Supporters’ Club chairperson Peggy Goulding said: ”I’m not surprised he lost the case. I think this will be heading for the Appeal Court.

“I am sure he has made a very good living because he can’t have the overheads that the club has.




pounds 5.1M

“We can’t appeal directly against this decision but we believe there are significant issues which take the case back to Europe.”


Matthew claimed he always made clear his products were not sanctioned by the club.

HIT: Trader Matt

He has a sign on his stall outside the Highbury ground in North London pointing out the merchandise is not official.

The judges, sitting in Luxembourg, overturned a High Court ruling last year favouring Matthew by declaring that Arsenal must be allowed to protect its trademark.


ARSENAL yesterday won a legal battle to stop a street trader selling unofficial souvenirs bearing the club’s logo.


Arsenal registered the words “Arsenal” and “Arsenal Gunners” and the cannon and shield emblem as trademarks in 1989.

“Lots of traders do this but he is by far the biggest one and he’s totally unofficial.”

The club designs and supplies its own sports clothes and footwear and has others manufactured by a network of approved firms.

Mrs Goulding, who also runs the Arsenal souvenir shop, added: ”I don’t feel sorry for him. EARNS A YEAR

Mega-rich Arsenal, which raked in pounds 5.1million in merchandise sales in the year to May, said it was pleased with the decision. I didn’t think he would win and I thought he was pushing his luck.

He added:”The big sports kit manufacturers were very interested in this case.”


The ruling means Matthew can no longer sell the scarves, shirts and flags that have been the mainstay of his business since 1970. . This is not over yet. His prices undercut ours in the shop.

But he insisted he would be selling his goods at last night’s European Champions’ League clash with PSV Eindhoven.

But the European judges said that was no defence

NASA sees Tropical Storm Kilo affected by wind shear

Kilo was moving toward the north-northwest near 13 knots (14.9 mph/24 kph) and is expected to turn toward the west-southwest on Sept. Maximum sustained winds are near 50 knots (57.5 mph/ 92.6 kph).

NASA sees Tropical Storm Kilo affected by wind shearNASA’s Aqua satellite captured this infrared look at Kilo on Sept. EDT). When NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over Tropical Storm Kilo on September 9 at 1547 UTC (11:47 a.m. EDT), the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer or MODIS instrument took a visible picture of the storm. Strongest storms (purple) north and east of center. 9 and 10. When NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over Kilo again on September 10 at 02:50 UTC (Sept. 19 at 10:50 p.m. EDT (1500 UTC) the center of Tropical Storm Kilo was located near latitude 35.9 north and longitude 148.4 west. About 483 nautical miles (555.8 miles/894.5 km) southeast of Misawa Air Base, Japan. Kilo is expected to become extra-tropical on September 11 off Hokkaido, Japan, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands.

Provided by:NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centersearch and more infowebsite

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The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder or AIRS instrument that flies aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite gathers infrared data that reveals temperatures. Credit: NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response Team

Strong vertical wind shear is taking its toll on the now weaker Tropical Storm Kilo in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. 9 at 1547 UTC (11:47 a.m. Credit: NASA JPL, Ed Olsen

Kilo was moving north-northwest and continues to weaken. The MODIS image showed that strong wind shear continued to push the clouds northeast of the center.

On September 10, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center noted that animated enhanced infrared satellite imagery continues to indicate eroding deep convection displaced over the northern semi-circle of the system.

NASA sees Tropical Storm Kilo affected by wind shear

NASA sees Tropical Storm Kilo affected by wind shearThe MODIS instrument aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this image of Tropical Storm Kilo’s clouds at 02:50 UTC on Sept. EDT), the AIRS data and showed some highest, coldest, strongest thunderstorms with cloud top temperatures near -63F/-53C were being pushed north and east of the center as a result of strong vertical wind shear.

Explore further:NASA sees shapeless Tropical Depression 14E. Visible and infrared imagery from NASA’s Aqua satellite shows that southwesterly wind shear has been pushing the clouds and storms to the northeast of the storm’s center.

At 11 a.m. 10