GarageSale vs. iSale

One of these is GarageSale by iwascoding. GarageSale will not figure this out for you.

If you are selling several similar items simultaneously, you can offer to combine shipping to encourage people to bid on multiple items, but you won’t get much assistance from GarageSale in this, either.. This software offers an attractive, Mac-like interface, plenty of themes to make your auctions prettier, and a free picture hosting service as part of the software.

You can always modify themes and save them as your own templates for future use, but without the fancy Cover Flow browser. To create an auction, you first display the theme viewer at the top of the interface (this is somewhat hidden and unintuitive; you must pull the theme viewer down manually to display it) and choose a theme you like.

The themes can be sorted by such categories as “clean,” “dark,” “dynamic,” and so on, but there is no search feature for the installed themes, so, if you know you saw one pertaining to, say, music, you must browse through the entire collection to find it.

The software occasionally updates itself with eBay, in order to download new categories and sync itself to changes in the policies and options of the eBay service, a nice feature.

A larger complaint about the themes is that they seem to be more show than substance. If you lapse into the ransom note look, all bets are off).

To post your auction on eBay, you click the Start Auction button and GarageSale will upload your auction to eBay.

One nice bonus of GarageSale is that it offers a free image hosting service so that you do not have to find a third-party service to host your auction images.

You can set various sale options in GarageSale’s Inspector palette. For example, I tried to check “money order” as one of my payment options, only to find that eBay returned an error message and the auction was canceled. The themes look pretty but none of them contain default text that could be useful for certain types of auctions or text that experts recommend you include in all auction descriptions, such as places for size, type, material and condition, nor suggested text for your store policy, etc.

Selling items on auction sites such as eBay is a major part of the strategy of many Internet marketers, and there are a couple of third-party interfaces or front ends for eBay, the most popular auction site, aimed at making the process easier. I’m not sure what the significance of this is, so I always do my editing in edit mode.

The software comes with a large number of attractive templates, which it calls “Themes,” that are displayed in a browser panel at the top of the editing window in an interface reminiscent of iTunes’ Cover Flow view, and more can be purchased through an interface which is reminiscent of the Apple store interface in iTunes.

There is no substitute for weighing the item you want to sell and figuring out shipping costs on your own. This can be rather complex. It is unlikely that a pretty theme, much as we may enjoy the look of it, will result in an item selling at a higher price.

Another error I received was “condition must be set for this category,” even though I set the condition in two places in GarageSale. Shipping a 3-pound package via Priority Mail costs anywhere from $5 – $12 depending on the zone it’s going to. On the one hand, while this means that anybody can theoretically edit and improve the online help to make it more useful, I have found that the online help is currently not as complete as I might like. There is no contextual help in GarageSale.

Scheduling an auction is also far from intuitive; the scheduling interface would be easier to get a handle on if it bore more resemblance to iCal.

The top of the auction window shows an information panel somewhat similar to item information at the top of all eBay auctions, except that you can edit the information there to suit the item being auctioned, or you can do so in the Inspector, if you prefer.

The bottom line: GarageSale has an attractive interface and some nice features, but it will not make the process of creating an auction on eBay much easier for the beginner.

You can enter descriptive text for your auction in either preview or edit mode, although the program displays a warning that the “text formatting will have to be converted to HTML” if you try to edit in preview mode. There is Domestic Shipping, Local Pickup Only, Special Shipping Terms, Multiple Quantity Auctions, Calculated Shipping and International Shipping.

On the plus side, GarageSale has both e-mail support and an active discussion group. If you are not familiar with the eBay rules, you can still easily make mistakes. Because of this one omission, an auction I attempted was rejected. What’s more, since GarageSale is a third-party “front end” to the eBay service, the exact text in any error messages may not come from eBay itself but from GarageSale, so that eBay’s own support system may not be able to help you with them.

The themes have various “looks” such as sports, books, music, teddy bears, winter, and automobiles, as well as various color schemes. GarageSale help is available in the form of an online wiki, In an interface not unlike that of Wikipedia. In addition, you can choose from the various auction enhancements that eBay offers. It took me some time before I figured out that the accepting of money orders is not allowed unless this is set up beforehand with eBay.

To add an image, you can add items that are in iPhoto with the included media browser, which integrates directly with iPhoto. You can also add items from the finder.

The basics of GarageSale are quite simple. You can set the auction duration, starting bid, buy it now price, reserve price and payment and shipping options from this panel.

Calculating shipping is another issue. Although the software is pretty well thought out, it does not exactly make the process of setting up an auction on eBay for the first few times particularly easy. There is a list of standard eBay auction categories from which you can choose here. The themes are quite attractive and will make your auction look better than 90% of the others on eBay (provided you can refrain from using a large variety of font sizes and colors, the “ransom note” look which seems to be all-too-common on the auction sites. All in all, the software seems to show a preference for form over substance in its themes

Sports Betting as an Alternative Investment

Baseball runs somewhere in between. You worship different gods and your path is one that runs through the wilderness and is not well trodden.

Generally I have found that sports betting produces bettor average returns year on year.

You need to indentify the “product” eg a stock or a team – it doesn’t matter. Most people trust their savings and investment income to experts and no doubt if the betting public trusted their income to the 1% or 2% of betting experts who made a profit – the loser label might become less sticky. You will love it or hate it..

So do the sportsbooks close accounts if you are a winning player? Well curiously the answer is ‘yes’. Still, if you are not profitable in your betting after say 350 bets or thereabouts – it may be time to say “ok this is not for me” or “ok let me re-think my betting strategy.” You simpy cannot tell if you are a good or bad bettor after 10, 20 or 50 bets – with those low numbers you are still falling victim to standard deviation and probability.

Betting is also virtually recession proof, lets face it only a huge war might disrupt the national sports schedule. Remember a good bettor will still lose around 4.4 to 4.6 bets out of 10. Sports markets are not influenced by the economy. The laws of probability defy accurate annual estimates.

This article was posted on January 29, 2005

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you need to bet high numbers of games to get the returns. Hockey does not have many takers but the lines are often the best value – the prices can be very generous. The key to success in any trading or betting environment is value. I would, however, estimate that the percentage of “losers” would be equally high in the world of stock trading and investment markets if you considered those individuals who entered that environment without the necessary experience. There is no tax on betting in the UK which is a big advantage and no pari-mutuel system on horse racing. King

Many will dismiss outright the ability to make good returns on your investment through the medium of sports betting. No corporate social or support structure, no lunches, no team environment. It is not really surprising as betting is hard work, solitary, and you have to grind out thousands of bets to get your returns. But then no bosses, politics…you know the score.

The Sports. Of course this could vary greatly – years of 30% and 13% would also be possible. The price you get in the morning is the price you stay with – unlike US horse betting which is subject to starting price odds and heavy taxes. The sportsbook makes its money whatever the result – they are merely commission-takers. Football (NFL) is big too though game numbers are few. I say curiously because if the book is doing its job properly, it is taking the action from both sides of the line (odds on the event) and simply taking the commission in the middle. I wonder how many young people on Wall Street today can confidently say they will only have one losing year? There may be a handful, those engaging in arbitrage and those experienced in ‘selling’ as well as ‘buying’ the market – but there won’t be many.

So what kind of returns can you expect?

Of course to many members of society – betting also carries a great big “loser” tag. It is tougher psychologically as you generally act in a lone capacity. You “buy” it. Winning bettors do not win money from a sportsbook, they win money from other losing players. If your expectation of that product doing well is higher than the price on display – in relative terms. If you are not getting a value price, then you will find it hard to make a profit.

You will notice that I have not stated losing years – this is because they are rare – I have experienced one in my life time, my first. Big bets means big turnover, big turnover means big profits. . I am always aware of the possibility but I am confident I will never experience one again – partly because of the numerous hedging methods now available on the sports betting exchanges. This is not without justification since the vast majority of sports bettors do lose.

Sports Betting as an Alternative Investment

by: Daniel B. In the UK and Europe it is mainly Soccer and Horse Racing. Very briefly the US pros generally turn to Basketball as a major source of income simply because of the sheer number of games -

Anywhere between 18% and 22% on betting turnover (that money actually put through the sportsbooks) annually. I guess some books simply do not like winners – but many manage the action well and allow big bets

How to Bet Proposition Bets at a Sportsbook by RJ Bell

So be aware of all your wagering options and don’t miss out on the excitement non-team sports have to offer with prop betting!

Group matchups are another way “matchup betting” is used which is particularly popular in golf and auto racing events like NASCAR, where you can select whether a leading competitor or a few other lesser competitors will finisher higher amongst the group, with the odds again based on money lines.

What team will win the coin toss

Proposition bets for non-team sports are not limited to “Betting to Win” an event and “Matchup Betting” but those are the primary ways to wager on them.

Betting to Win

It is very important to note that not all the competitors in an event may be listed, so another betting option is on the “field” which includes all other competitors not listed. An artificial head-to-head matchup involves competitors in an event like a golf tournament or auto race who are indirectly competing against each other since in reality they are competing against everybody in the field, not just one other competitor. However, many sportsbooks also offer proposition bets (or props short) for gambling on non-team sports like golf, tennis, boxing and auto racing – including NASCAR – due to their growing popularity.

An example with team sports would be NFL futures, where you often can get much higher odds on a team by betting before the season starts. The Imperial Palace Casino’s sportsbook is well-known for the enormous number of prop bets offered.

What will be the exact margin of victory

Betting sides and totals on major sports like baseball, basketball and football are the most common wagers available everywhere. Here’s how the money line would be listed: Serena Williams -400 / #102 Ranked Opponent +360. A NFL future bet on a team to win the Super Bowl might be 20/1 in the preseason; but by midseason, their odds might decrease to 10/1 if they turn out to be legitimate championship contenders.

What player will score the game’s first touchdown

Furthermore, a tennis match would be considered a tournament-style head-to-head matchup since the competitors involved directly play against each other in the event.

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“Betting to Win” an outcome event like The Masters is the most common way to wager on individuals competing for a particular non-team title. “Matchup Betting” generally involves an individual going up against another individual in a head-to-head event, such as a tennis match, and the odds are determined using the money line. In exchange for a lesser payout, field bettors gain the advantages of having more than one entrant that can win for them. For example, you can bet on:

As you can see, there’s much more to betting than simply totals and sides, especially when it comes to gambling on non-team sports.

For example, if Serena Williams faced an overmatched opponent in the U.S. Other examples of props for non-team sports include what racing team will finish highest in a particular NASCAR race (Chevy, Ford or Dodge) or how many rounds will the fight between Mike Tyson and Kevin McBride last (Over/Under 8.5 rounds). For example, betting on the 2006 Masters golf tournament now might get you much better value on Tiger Woods, who may be 10/1 at this moment but dip to 6/1 closer to the event if he is on a roll.

For non-team sports like golf, boxing, tennis and NASCAR, “Matchup Betting” offers an alternative to simply betting on the event’s winner. Since golf and NASCAR both have pre-qualifying, not everybody makes the cut to the final day of competition, and these group matchups require all individuals to qualify in order to be eligible for action. The same holds true for major team sports like NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball and MLB baseball. Unlike team sports such as football, non-team sports also have multiple events over the course of a year, so “Betting to Win” obviously happens much more frequently than a once a year NFL futures bet on the Super Bowl winner does. The two main ways of wagering on non-team sports are “Betting to Win” an event and “Matchup Betting” which pits an individual against another individual or a group of individuals. These artificial matchups are also fake in the sense that bookmakers are the ones creating them – solely for betting purposes – and different books will often offer different matchups. Props, also known as exotic wagers, are also extremely popular on high-profile team sporting events like the Super Bowl in Las Vegas . Open tennis tournament, a reasonable money line would require Serena bettors to risk $400 to win $100 while a $100 bet on her opponent would win $360.

Every $400 bet on Serena nets a $100 profit if she wins (plus the return of the $400 risked). . For more information on how this works, be sure to check out How to Read the Money Line. The odds on a “field” bet are typically comparable to a bet on the favorite in order to protect sportsbooks from taking a big hit if a major upset occurs.

Before every major event in non-team sports like golf, tennis and auto racing, futures are set by oddsmakers. If her opponent pulls off the upset, $100 bet on the underdog would profit $360 (plus the return of the $100 risked).

Matchup Betting

RJ Bell 2006


The main advantage of futures is that you can get appealing odds by betting far in advance of when the event takes place. These are not fixed and are adjusted by sportsbooks several times leading up to the event and are sometimes released months before an event

Tips For Surviving In The Nfl Survivor Pool

888sport, Party bets, Betfair are a few of the well known and reliable bookmakers.

There are innumerable number of websites offering betting for visitors on MLB pools, NBA and NFL pools. However these Sports Betting Pools can be custom-made to work under several other occasions such as the college league etc., In this type of pools you have to predict the winner of the week and if the team you predicted had won the game then you move on to bet on the team next week .If you had not succeeded in predicting the winner then you are out of the game. There are huge followers who are searching the websites for tips to win big cash pools. He is writing articles on nfl survivor pool from past 2 years.

Getting involved in the NFL games, hanging in there on the basis of your knowledge and becoming the single survivor or champion of the NFL pool would be not only be a good proposition to anyone playing the game but is also a great entertainment alternative. These online betting sites provide various pool formats which can be used for recording the scores and organizing the websites without any difficulties. This goes on until only one player is left in the betting pool and he would be the winner or the champion of the game.

oSearch for the list of online sports bookmakers with untarnished records as these bookmakers help us in taking calculated risks on the game we like. Here are a few tips to help you get a grip over the NFL Survivor Pool:

oA good online guide will help you start off your betting online.

Depending on the amount of players or participants you are deciding to pull in you can fix the entrance fee .The real thrill and enjoyment in Sports Betting Pools can be enjoyed by your friends and family at economical prices.

By: adampaul

Article Directory:

Adam Paul is an author for, one of the best sports pool site. The NFL Survivor Pool is a simple game wherein the only main rule is that the player who stays the longest and predicts the frontrunner wins the game or becomes the champion in the end.

The NFL Survivor Pool is mostly used because there are fewer teams participating and they have a huge following. Added to this there are other returns like ascertaining their positions and customizing their pool size with pressures about score prediction.

oSign up with a pool which provides attractive joining bonus for every newcomer.. oAnd lastly focus on the game you have put your money on and put in your money in little parts rather than shelling it all out on one single bet to minimize the risks involved.

oMake sure that the bookmakers chosen by you have registered with the government and are abiding to the strict laws laid out by the government to safeguard the players interests.

A few instructions for surviving in the Sports Betting Pools

Today online sporting events are becoming popular with the pools to become easily accessible, manageable and safe

Infographic Shows Popularity of Sports Betting

The Super Bowl and NCAA March Madness tournament are two of the largest payouts in the United States.

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As the niche of sports betting continues to rise in worldwide popularity, there appears to be no limit to the amount of money and effort put into the interest. Top Betting Action has created a new infographic that is now showing just how the growth of sports betting is thriving. The act of placing wagers on sporting outcomes has been popular for some time amongst friends and work betting pools, however, the growth in casinos and online has grown to huge unprecedented levels.

The American Gaming Association stated “Overall, Nevada’s legal sports wagering represents less than 1% of all sports betting nationwide. An additional 80% of high school students bet as well, though many are not legal gambling and is often amongst friends. Twenty-five percent of males between 14-22 have placed a wager every month, with the NFL being the largest amongst the age group. In 2011, $2.88 billion was legally wagered in Nevada’s sports books; the National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) estimated that illegal wagers are as much as $380 billion annually.”

While many of the gamblers within the United States are full-grown adults, there are many college students who take part in the activity as well. And 3% had even placed wagers within the last day. 19 by Top Betting Action detailed that information showing that college students are betting regularly on sporting events.

Based on the infographic, 65% of all Americans have gambled on sports at least once, while 30% have gambled on sports within the last year. The betting types all depended upon the individual, and spanned every sport from baseball to football, basketball to hockey, with horse racing being one of the most popular to bet on.. Another 15% of individuals have gambled once within the past month. 1 sport in the United States. Nearly 67% of college students have bet in one way or another on sports. Other than poker, sports gambling is the No. There are head-to-head bets, as well as totalizators, progressive parlays and if bets which have each grown in popularity.

An infogrpahic released on Thursday, Sept. Straight bets, or those that simply choose the winner, propositional bets, parlays, and future wagers are all among the top etting types. A tally of 44% of all 12th grade males have wagered at least once on sports.

The infographic showed that several kinds of bets are placed most often

Casino Stories – Biorhythms – Their Use In The Casino

If the user is a slot player, then more attention should be paid to the emotional cycle. The bottom of the curve just as it starts upward really is the pits.

Charting Biorhythms

Biorhythm works the same way. A high point in the emotional cycle should produce more equanimity at the ups and downs experienced at a blackjack table.

I just charted my biorhythm. In addition, there are three times when plotted lines cross the time line. There are days when a person is on a high, the sun is shining, and every question on Jeopardy is easy. They can be plotted on a graph and will look like a roller coaster design. The physical cycle is 23 days, the emotional cycle is 28 days, and the intellectual cycle is 33 days.

Rule 2 – Be aware and limit activity when any of the three cycles are bottoming out. There are days when it is raining and no amount of help allows the deciphering of a Wheel of Fortune word. When individually plotted lines crosses the other plotted lines must also be considered.

Biorhythms are an interesting phenomenon that have not been proven. Those cycles are physical, emotional, and intellectual. Most search engines will deliver internet addresses of these free sites. This same roller coaster ride takes place in the emotional cycle every 28 days, and in the intellectual cycle every 33 days.

Biorhythm works the same way. It the user is a table games player or a video poker player where intellect comes into play, the intellectual line should be considered. That is not to say that they dont work because I have seen startling results. The intellectual cycle is at an almost exactly opposite swing and is well below the center line. As it goes downward, it crosses the median point and this is a critical point of indecision. I would enjoy sitting at a video poker machine for a longer period of time and using the almost automatic responses to various card combinations that I have learned.

Mixed cycles and examples occur. When the cycle begins, it drags the individual up a long grade and then over the top to an exhilarating downhill ride ending in the valley where it begins another upward trek. My experience has been that the critical and bad times are the parts of the cycles more appropriately used as diagnostic tools and if all three cycles are crossing the center line at near the same time, the individual should hide in bed and pull the covers over their head.

Rule 1 – Do not gamble on any day where any plotted line crosses the time line or any day where any plotted line crosses another plotted line.

It is very straightforward to make use of the plotted chart.

Biorhythm is the charting of the cycles of the body. Each of these cycles has a different time span. The charting site that I have used the most is very straightforward in that it requires a date of birth, the date you are interested in finding out about. It can be plotted on a graph and will look like a roller coaster design. This is, as I said earlier, a free service.

Using The Biorhythm Chart

The cycles should be plotted initially for at least a 33 day period. Its probably wise to refrain completely if all three cycles are below the time line. Some discretion should be exercised in making this judgment. I probably would not do things that require a lot of thinking – such as blackjack or horse race selection. As it goes downward, it crosses the median point and this is a critical point of indecision. Then the ride bottoms out and in dismay the rider realizes the thrill is over but he can look forward to it beginning again..

What Are Biorhythms?

Biorhythms can predict lucky and unlucky periods in a persons life. There are three points of note in each cycle. Long sessions should not be attempted when the physical cycle in bottoming out.

It sounds like a very complex procedure but there are several free services available on line that will chart a biorhythm at no cost. It then produces a biorhythm chart of the three cycles that surround the target date. A high point on an intellectual cycle should produce good results at the decision making involved in such as sports betting or horse race betting. At the top of the climb, there is a point where a riders view is almost unlimited and they are looking forward in anticipation to the exciting ride. Every 23 days, the physical cycle rises to its peak, plummets back through the central time line, bottoms out in the pit, and then rises to the time line. The bottom of the curve just as it starts upward really is the pits.. The good times of the highs and the bad times of the lows are now tripled. A high point in the physical cycle should show days of increased stamina and produce more winning results in extended sessions. In this fashion, all three cycles will go through at least one complete run up and down and back to the beginning.

A persons chart begins on the day they are born. Three cycles exist in the charting. The physical and emotional cycles are generally together and swinging high above the center line. For instance, if the intellectual cycle is bottoming but the emotional cycle and physical cycle are both above the time line, you might refrain from playing blackjack or poker or betting on the horses but instead play a slot machine or roulette.

Each time span begin at birth and continues throughout one’s llife.

How Biorhythms Work

Consider each cycle to be like a roller coaster ride. The topmost point of the ride is a great point in the curve. Theory says that these days can be predicted by using biorhythms.

Rule 3 – Be confident and comfortable when the appropriate cycle is well above the time line. As the ride plummets, it reaches a point where anticipation turns almost to dread and nausea tends to creep in as it crosses the center line. If multiple cycles are above the time line, more confidence is warranted.

All three cycle charts can be drawn and overlaid. The topmost point of the ride is a great point in the curve

Sports Gifts – InfoBarrel

If your sports fan participates in the sport, maybe they need gear of their own.

Sports Fan Accessories:

There are a ton of sports fan accessories that you could get as a gift, or for stocking stuffers during the holidays. A magazine subscription would be a cheap gift that they can enjoy every month for a year. If they like football, you could get them a nerf football to throw around or if they like golf, then consider a package of balls as a golf gift. Either to see his or her favorite team, or to see a professional or semi-professional sporting event in the area.

Sports Clothing:

Sports clothing can make a great gift. Give the fan in your life a sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat or other clothing item that has their favorite sports team logo. Would they like a nice tailgating cooler? A tailgating grill or a table for having a meal while tailgating? Or maybe even a tailgating tent?

Sporting Event Seat Covers:

If your fan likes to go to sporting events where they have bleachers, then maybe they would enjoy seat covers as a gift.

Team Jerseys:A team jersey can be a very thoughtful and nice gift. They can wear their sports clothing just hanging around the house, running errands or while watching the sport. Even if your sports fan already has tailgating chairs, they are a great gift because everyone can use extras. They can wear this jersey while they watch sporting events at home, at a bar or while they are at a game.Sports Magazine or Book

You can get a sports magazine subscription or book for the sports fan in your life. Extra tailgating chairs are great for any guests they might bring or the chairs can break, or maybe they have low quality uncomfortable chairs and would like better ones.Tailgating Materials:

On the same note as the tailgating chairs, consider other tailgating materials for the sports fan in your life. If they play soccer maybe a soccer ball, or if they do gymnastics maybe some home gymnastics equipment.

Tailgating Chairs:

If your sports fan regularly goes to sporting events like football, basketball or hockey games

then tailgating chairs are an excellent gift. Get your sports fan their favorite players jersey or even just a player on their favorite team’s jersey. Or you can get them a sports book as a gift.

Looking for a sports gift for the sports fan in your life? Hopefully these ideas help you find the perfect gift!

Sporting Event Tickets:

Sporting event tickets are an obvious gift for the avid sports fan. Maybe they would like ESPN magazine, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest or any other specialty sports magazine. Maybe a book that has tips for helping their performance or one with historical sports facts.

I hope this list of sports gift ideas helps you pick out the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life! You might also want to check out ways to save money on gifts.. Accessories such as flags, memorabilia, stickers for the car or blankets.

Christmas Ornament:

If this is a Christmas sports gift you are looking for, maybe your sports fan would like a sports-themed Christmas ornament.

Play-at-home Sports Equipment:

Consider getting your sports fan something he or she needs to play at home

Pittsburgh Steelers 2006 Schedule by Sebastien Sports

Week 1: Miami Dolphins

Week 2: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 3: Cincinnati Bengals

Week 4: BYE

Week 5: @San Diego Chargers

Week 6: Kansas City Chiefs

Week 7: @ Atlanta Falcons

Week 8: @ Oakland Raiders

Week 9: Denver Broncos

Week 10: New Orleans Saints

Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns

Week 12: @ Baltimore Ravens

Week 13: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 14: Cleveland Browns

Week 15: @ Carolina Panthers

Week 16: Baltimore Ravens

Week 17: @ Cincinnati Bengals

During the offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost a good receiver in Antwaan Randle El. Can they repeat this performance? The signs currently point to not likely. While he’s expected to be back soon, he will miss at least the first two weeks of the season. However, they could open the season 0-3, because of injuries and missing pieces. Finally, they bought in Doug Easlick, fullback, from San Fancisco. The Steelers have a moderate schedule and could win 10 games this season. The Steelers will need their defense to overplay and rise to the occasion if they want to see the playoffs again.

. Their passing game is somewhat suspect as well.

Here’s the Steelers schedule for 2006. They were 5th in rushing last season. Their star quarterback, Big Ben, has just underwent an emergency surgery. He leaves a hole in the Steelers running game. The Steelers are potentially without that ability this season. That could be huge for the Steelers, because their first few weeks of the season is filled with tough games. Bettis was a battling ram that could move defensive lines forward by himself. Over the offseason Jerome “The Bus” Bettis retired. To replace Hope, they brought in Ryan Black from Washington. That number could drop a little now that Bettis is gone. He went to the Washington Redskins. You’ll see how heavy it is right out of the game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super bowl last seasonalbeit among much controversy.

Last season they finished 11-6 and got to the Super Bowl thanks to an inept Indianapolis Colts team that just didn’t want to win the game even when it was handed to them. They brought in Rodney Bailey (DE) from Seattle to replace Oelhoffen. If Big Ben has to miss more time, he might only miss three games since he has the early bye week to use. They also lost Chris Hope (DB) to the Tennessee Titans and Kimo von Oelhoffen (DE) to the New York Jets.

The week four bye could play a critical role in the Steelers season

How To Calculate Earned Run Average

Likewise, as another example, 15.1 innings would be 15.333 innings when properly factored.

This simple formula does it all. These statistics allow fans to make comparisons amongst players and even allows for comparisons between current players and all-time greats. Even this poor win/loss record did not stop the Ryan Express from finishing in the Top 5 voting for the Cy Young Award that year. The method of how to calculate earned run average is an easy formula that will help your decision making in fantasy baseball leagues drafts, sports betting or acting as statistician for your neighborhood little league team.

The formula:

(Earned Runs x 9) / Innings Pitched

**It is common to represent partial innings as .1 or .2 to symbolize the number of outs, but when the math is performed these should be converted to proper decimals. His ERA shows just how good he was, but received little help. This will ensure an accurate calculation. For example, in his debut Wild Thing allows 3 runs on 6 walks and fails to retire a single batter before being yanked by his angry manager and shoved on a bus back to the bush leagues. However, from calculus days, this result as the denominator gets closer and closer to zero is infinity and normally the pitcher’s ERA will be represented by the infinity symbol ().. In this case, Ryan pitched 211 complete innings and 2 outs which is 2/3 inning or .667 making his actual innings pitched 211.667. Given a pitcher’s earned runs, you multiply by 9 and then divide by the total number of innings pitched.

Baseball more than any other sport is a game of numbers. Also, if there is an error and runner(s) score, the number of Earned Runs should only be the number of runs that would have scored had the fielding been made cleanly.

With a zero in the denominator, this result is undefined since a number can NEVER be divided by zero. He also led the majors with 270Ks that year, but finished with an 8 16 Record! The poor hitting Houston Astros gave his efforts little support. His ERA?

Then using our formula:

(65 x 9) / 211.667 = 2.763 or 2.76

since ERA is always shown as rounded to two decimal places.

(3 ERs x 9) / 0 IP = undefined

Ryan actually led the league in ERA in 1987 with 2.76. Let us use a real example and view Nolan Ryan’s stats for the 1987 season:

Earned Runs = 65

If a runner pitches a shutout for a game or season, it is easy to see that his ERA is 0.00.

Once you master earned run average, you can tackle hitting stats like calculating batting average and calculating slugging percentage, too. It doesn’t matter how many innings pitched because if he never gave up a single earned run the numerator will always be zero and zero divided by ANY number is zero.

If the Earned Runs are not given to you, or you are tallying for a game then just remember, the pitcher responsible for placing the runner on base gets saddled with the Earned Run if that baserunner scores even if the responsible pitcher is no longer in the game. Just as a batting average is a great measure of hitter effectiveness, a pitcher’s earned run average (ERA) is a great gauge of a pitcher’s likelihood of success against an opposing team. This shows why ERA can help provide an explanation for a seemingly dismal season and to allow for better decision making.

(0 ER x 9) / IP = 0.00. So grab your calculator and get to calculating! The baseball cards are on the shelf and the season is about to begin!

Many people get confused by a pitcher having allowed Earned Runs but without retiring a batter

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People ignore the protection and protection which a roof top gives.

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Brainbuxa Education Portal India lists School Education & Higher Education Importance with News, College – University and Course Search with Jobs & Company List.

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The restoration or replacing of the roof generally is one of the most costly tasks you ever experience. A suitable work could cost tens of thousands of money or maybe more.

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Do You Require A Roofing? Go Through These Tips. Finding problems earlier calls for constant vigilance, as well as any fix work that you do have to do is likely to be considerable.

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Understanding things to search for when working with a roofing company is really a part of the choice-producing process. Folks take for granted the safety and safety that a roofing provides.

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Handling your home’s roof is a pretty big work. Contact Us! Our production services include videos and photos of assets, products, employees, company profile, and other company related tools.

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EMergy Kool outdoor cooling fans and cooling systems are recognised to be the most competitive outdoor cooling solutions in Dubai, UAE. By : Taylah Zubia

If you’ve been wanting to placed a roof structure on the home, but you want to learn more regarding your alternatives, then you’ve identified the right article.

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In relation to your home, your homes roof may well be probably the most underappreciated facets of it.

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We are professional photographer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, specializing in Event production and portrait photography packages to suit your needs. We help businesses of all types, including ecommerce, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and regional chains. But did you know that pile driving was already being done more than 5000 years ago?

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Excel business valuation templates and solutions cover varying and alternative valuation methodologies and their appropriate application to business decision making requirements.

Tags: Business ValuationDo You Want A Roof Structure? Go Through These Suggestions. It is possible to place roofing on on your own.

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Excel risk analysis templates and solutions apply algorithmic approaches and sensitivity analytics for assessing risk and outcome variation in existing and new Excel models.

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When you are in the construction business, you are probably familiar with the concept of pile driving. Men and women take for granted the security and security which a roof top gives.

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The roof could well be the most important element of a home’s structure and it is consequently worthy of the significant volume of consideration.

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Designation Reflection on Long-Term Commitment and Demonstrable Success Across Virtually Every Vertical, Including Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Legal, Financial and the Public Sector

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Companies Unite in Delivering Seamless and Secure Storage, Backup and Data Management Solutions for Today’s Connected Workforce

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The primary objective of every boring contractor is to add some more profit to his bank account. Our services will redefine the way that your business does credit card processing. You may know how to do all of the investigation, but when you don’t know what to look for when studying, it is useless!

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When it comes to your home, your roof might be one of the more underappreciated areas of it. Also, we work with different types of service businesses in their B2B transactions. EMergy Kool have some ready systems and can design customized systems to fill your needs.

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When a roof top has water leaks and insulation problems, it can cause concern to the home owner. By : Williemae Wunderly

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In relation to your own home, your roof might be just about the most underappreciated aspects of it.

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Leading Channel-Only Storage Provider Delivers New Resources and Benefits to Empower Solution Partners to More Easily Store, Protect and Connect Valuable Business Assets

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US Merchant Systems provides businesses with top-of-the line equipment, such as the VeriFone VX670 and the VeriFone VX520