Let’s try ESL game!

This student may ask some question such as, “Who watched TV last night?” “Who played computer last night?” “Who did homework last night?” “Who played basketball last night?”

The students really love to play this game, and it gives students a chance to use past tense, future tense and present tense.

“Who went to bed at ten o’clock last night?” I did!. It is just a fun exercise that will help your students listen more efficiently.

“Who is going to their friend’s house after school?” I am!

What is ESL game? It is said to be one of the best games because it teaches speaking and listening at the same time. Then the teacher will ask the class a question, “Who ate noodles for lunch?” If any of the students ate noodles for lunch they will yell, “I did!” and then sit down. And you can make it more difficult by telling the students to ask present tense questions, past tense questions and future tense questions.

“Who is going to the beach after school?” I am!

“Who is going to department store after school? I am!

This is one of the most fun ESL games that I know. Then the teacher will ask the same question but with a different noun, “Who ate an orange for lunch?” If any of the students ate an orange for lunch they will yell, ” I did.”

“Who is going to the park after school?” I am!

Once all of the students are sitting in the their chairs…ask them to all stand up again. It doesn’t matter if the student sits down first or last. I hope that you can incorporate this into your lesson plans!

There are no winners. Why don’t you try that game?

The student that you select will now ask the class the questions, including the teacher. Now you can ask one of the students to act as the teacher.

“Who went to bed at nine thirty last night?” I did!

“Who went to bed at midnight last night?” I did!

The teacher or the students can ask any type of question, as long as it is appropriate.

First have all of your students stand up

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