Jose Canseco tweets about losing finger at poker

It was very loose with no bone to connect it.”

. Doctors attempted to save it, apparently without success.

Misfortune continues to deal hard-luck former slugger Jose Canseco a bad hand.


Oct. 29: Photo posted on Jose Canseco’s Twitter page shows the former major league baseball player recovering at his Las Vegas home with his fiancee. (AP Photo/Courtesy Jose Canseco)

He also announced that his digit didn’t smell that good and that his agent bought the video.

Canseco said on Twitter Friday night that he was playing cards at poker tournament in Las Vegas Friday when his badly injured middle finger on his left hand fell off.

Published November 15, 2014

“Ok well I might as well tell you I was playing in a poker tournament last night and my finger fell off .someone took a video of it,” Canseco tweeted, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He said in another tweet, “My finger should have been amputated from the beginning. The confessed steroid cheat accidentally shot himself in the hand last month while cleaning his gun at home

How real sports diplomacy works – Global Public Square

But his message to President Barack Obama that he just needs to pick up the phone and talk to the erratic Kim Jong Un (who only last week had his uncle executed on the grounds that he was a traitor and “despicable human scum”), suggests that the former NBA star and self-proclaimed ambassador might be overstating his influence. The views expressed are the writer’s own.

One can only imagine what it was like for a Burmese boy to step onto the Verizon Center court and shoot baskets with NBA star John Wall. Effective sports diplomacy usually happens beneath the headlines, facilitated by those who believe that sports are a unique form of international interaction, where language is not a barrier. In 2005, it also created the Sports Envoy program under then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, sending 250 U.S. Through the Turkey basketball exchange, for example, Turkish players gained an appreciation of the opportunities for handicapped athletes to thrive in the United States. Indeed, just playing together on a court or a pitch can help young people build the kind of trust and understanding that regular politics can’t impose – fun, effective and without fanfare.

This isn’t to say that high profile sports diplomacy doesn’t have a place – “ping-pong” diplomacy back in the early 1970s famously helped kickstart relations between the United States and China. The team of national champions was taken to a practice session with the WNBA Washington Mystics, and to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C. “You have opened a new chapter in the relations of the American and Chinese people,” Premier Chou En-lai reportedly told the visiting Americans at a banquet back then. This spirit is contagious, and past participants in sports programs have returned to their home countries to start similar initiatives.

More recently, I participated in a SportsUnited program this past summer, which hosted a delegation of wheelchair basketball athletes from Turkey. to meet with doctors to hear about injury prevention, rehabilitation and prosthetic options.  In between the official appointments, the team did some sightseeing, shopping, and practiced for what turned out to be a nail biter of a game against NRH’s wheelchair basketball squad.

But such events are the exceptions rather than the rule. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) that is devoted to sports diplomacy, has been increasingly active over the past decade, bringing over 1,400 athletes from 65 countries to the U.S to participate in sport visitor programs since 2002. society.

Editor’s note: Patrick Ellis Cha is the founder of NetBenefitUSA, a Maryland-based non-governmental organization dedicated to socially conscious sports projects. And although these types of exchanges don’t grab international headlines, they are the sort of activities that can do much to improve relations between long-estranged countries by creating positive memories, friendships and deep bonds between Americans and others through the universal language of sports.

Last year, President Obama became the first sitting U.S. SportsUnited, a division of the U.S. On their first night in Washington, D.C., the delegation met members of the Washington Wizards NBA team, before visiting a local high school in Maryland where they shot hoops with the varsity team.  The Burmese visitors then traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they met with Rich Cho, general manager of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, a Burmese immigrant and one of the organizers of the program.

And the value of these programs is apparently recognized by the U.S. During the trip, Obama pledged U.S. ambassador to Burma, also known as Myanmar, in decades.

But while the high-profile summits between the countries’ elites showcased warming official ties, some low-key sports exchanges earlier this year will also have played their part in boosting trust and understanding following the president’s trip.

In January, the U.S. president to visit Burma, a country that has recently undergone a degree of democratic change that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. athletes, including high-profile stars such as the Baltimore Orioles’ Cal Ripken and U.S. You can follow them @NetBenefitUSA. economic assistance to the country, and authorized the dispatch of the first U.S. “I am confident that this beginning again of our friendship will certainly meet with majority support of our two peoples.” The rest, as they say, is history.

By Patrick Cha, Special to CNN. State Department committed to a sports exchange program in which a delegation of Burmese youth came to the United States for a week of basketball activities. Sports diplomacy is real and effective – but probably not in the form we are about to see.

The kind of goodwill that is generated at the micro level with these kinds of visits can truly underpin the progress made at the government level, especially as such programs are not just about sports – they also offer an opportunity for visitors to learn about U.S. Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwon, as goodwill ambassadors to nearly 60 countries.

Dennis Rodman is bound to grab headlines with his third trip to North Korea, scheduled for later this week. government itself

Online poker back: Legal site to launch in Vegas

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Nevada, a state of just 2.8 million, attracts 47 million visitors a year more than the population of California. They are going to be able to play with people they can trust and know the highest regulatory standards have been applied.”

It’s unclear how much of a boon the new market will be to the cash-strapped state. “Players won’t have to worry if their money is safe. It requires a change in law and then it takes a while from when the law passes until the sites are up and running.”

More recently, the federal government softened its stance on Internet betting, and three states New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have legalized some form of online wagering within their borders.

Ultimate Gaming and the two dozen other companies still fine-tuning their Nevada poker sites hope they will win the trust not only of players, but of regulators and politicians.

Earlier this year, Nevada Gov. In 2012, the Pew Center on the States analyzed 13 states that had recently legalized new types of gambling, and found that more than two-thirds of “failed to live up to the initial promises or projections.”

This crackdown, dubbed “black Friday,” left poker fanatics with two options: They could either get dressed and visit a visit a card room, or break the law and log into an offshore site.

The site,, will look familiar to anyone who participated in the poker craze of the 2000s. online poker market could generate $4.3 billion in revenue its first year, and $9.6 billion by year five, according to London-based research firm H2 Gambling Capital.

“When you look at the demographic of the UFC fan and the online poker player, it’s almost a perfect overlap,” Breitling said.

With Tuesday’s launch, Nevada wins the race to bring Texas Hold `em back to the Internet.

The gambling industry is hoping the return of Internet poker will revitalize interest in the game and help brick and mortar casinos capture a younger market.

© 2013 The Associated Press. Only those older than 21 will be allowed to play.

Online gamblers around the world currently wager an estimated $35 billion each year, according to the American Gaming Association.

“I think the real excitement will be when we get a very populous state like a California or a New York allowing these companies to expand,” ITG casino analyst Matthew Jacob said. “We’re hoping to make poker fun again.”

LAS VEGAS Poker devotees will soon be able to skip the smoky casino and legally gamble their dollars away on the couch at least in the state of Nevada.

Prior says he intends to make Ultimate Poker profitable within a matter of years, in part through cross-promotion with mixed martial arts giant Ultimate Fighting Championship. All Rights Reserved. But who wants to go on vacation just to fire up their laptop and play some virtual cards?

In the coming months, the industry will be watching closely to see if poker players come flocking back from their new hobbies, replacement computer games and illegal offshore gambling sites.

The Ultimate Poker logo has enjoyed prime placement in the UFC fight octagon for months. The Ultimate Poker Facebook page, which steers fans to a zero-stakes version of the site, features a mix of UFC glamour shots and stock images of guys in hoodies staring into laptop screens.

Still, with federal efforts to legalize Internet poker stalled, it may be a while before a critical mass of states link together to lure professional players back from overseas and drive up jackpots.

A Las Vegas-based social gambling company is expected to launch the first legal, real-money poker website in the United States on Tuesday morning.

Internet poker, never fully legal, has been strictly outlawed since 2011, when the Department of Justice seized the domain names of the largest offshore sites catering to U.S. customers and blacked them out.

“It’s an opportunity to show the world how to properly run online poker,” Ultimate Gaming chairman Tom Breitling said.

In the coming months, Ultimate Gaming will have to prove that its technology and 111 employees can prevent minors and out-of-state players from wagering real dollars, and guard against money laundering.

“This is a really huge moment for our company, the state of Nevada and the gaming community,” Breitling said. A fully realized U.S. The companies share a common owner: Frank Fertitta III and his brother Lorenzo, who also own Station Casinos Inc., an extensive chain that caters to locals in Las Vegas.

The rise of Internet poker is generally credited with helping spark the poker fad of the last decade. Only the account setup and login process have changed. Brian Sandoval approved legislation that gives him the ability to sign deals with other governors to facilitate interstate Internet gambling.

“There was black Friday, and now we’re going to have ‘trusting Tuesday,'” said Ultimate Gaming CEO Tobin Prior. “But these changes often take longer to occur than people assume. The end of online gambling is thought to have helped quash interest in the game.

Several cash-hungry states are weighing legislation that would allow them to tap into what is expected to be a multibillion-dollar market. Instead of checking a box certifying they are older than 18, players will have to endure a lengthy account setup process involving a Social Security number and a Nevada address. Some bills would legalize only poker, as Nevada has, while others would throw open the gates to all casino games, including slots, as New Jersey and Delaware have done.

It will also have to pay 6.75 percent of its revenue in Nevada state taxes.

The site, run by Ultimate Gaming, will accept wagers only from players in Nevada for now, but likely represents the shape of things to come for gamblers across the country.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver says legalize sports betting

Chris Christie just signed a bill into law authorizing sports betting at casinos in that state.

CBS Evening News

Does NBA commissioner have support of team owners?

CBS News special correspondent James Brown speaks with Scott Pelley about whether NBA team owners will support Commissioner Adam Silver’s push to…

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The NBA and other leagues have opposed such measures because they would violate the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, also known as the “Bradley Act.” But Silver says times have changed since then.

“I am a strong proponent of legalized sports wagering in New Jersey,” Christie said last month at the bill signing. All Rights Reserved.

NEW YORK – NBA commissioner Adam Silver has come out in favor of allowing betting on professional sports, according to an op-ed published in The New York Times Thursday evening.

Silver, who officially took over the league in February, said that although his and other pro sports organizations have staunchly opposed placing bets on games, the practice is still widespread and should be legalized and regulated.

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“These requirements would include: mandatory monitoring and reporting of unusual betting-line movements; a licensing protocol to ensure betting operators are legitimate; minimum-age verification measures; geo-blocking technology to ensure betting is available only where it is legal; mechanisms to identify and exclude people with gambling problems; and education about responsible gaming,” Silver wrote.

“But I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated.”

Sunday Morning

Pete Rose: “I’ll get into the Hall of Fame”

Preview: The former Cincinnati Red who was blackballed for gambling talks to Lee Cowan about his chances of being voted into the National Basebal…

He cited an estimate that said as much as $400 million is waged on sporting contests each year, and also pointed out that states offer various forms of gambling anyway ranging from lotteries to casinos.

As Silver points out, New Jersey Gov. “Because there are few legal options available, those who wish to bet resort to illicit bookmaking operations and shady offshore websites.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver answers questions at a news conference after a deal was announced between the league and TV networks, Monday, Oct. AP / Mark Lennihan

© 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. 6, 2014 in New York. “But given earlier decisions by federal courts, it was critical that we follow a correct and appropriate path to curtail new court challenges and expensive litigation.”

Instead, he says, Congress should adopt a “framework” to authorize betting that would fall under federal guidelines, similar to other countries that allow sports wagering..

Currently, Nevada is the only state with has legal sports betting.

Silver insists that his priority would still be to protect the integrity of basketball if betting were legalized.

“It is a thriving underground business that operates free from regulation or oversight,” Silver wrote

How sports can improve business management through creative thinking: Lessons from the Playground

“If you stretch the analogy, you can always find in sport what is relevant for your work,” he says.

Vinay explains that ultimately the book is based on the metaphor that life is a game: “you overcome obstacle, injuries, bad positions, and always face things which are completely out of control,” he says.

People. “I could have written an entire book on inspirational people from sport,” he points out, “but I wanted to pick people whose names will stay around for centuries. Vinay draws connections between business and the sports world, showing how the former can inspire the latter. The reason Vinay decided on this structure was that, “any new idea should be presented in a new fashion or manner. The book has recently been listed as one of the ’14 must read management books released in 2014′ by DNA Syndication.


Francesca has graduated at the School Of Oriental and African Studies with a degree in History. So, why can’t it be the other way round?” Vinay wonders. She collaborated with Ngeriv environment community development in Tanzania and is now a writer at Yourstory.

“There’s a beautiful quote by Andrew David Thoreau which says, ‘It’s not about what you look at, it’s about what you feel,’ and I think this is the central idea about a business venture. It’s much more than just the stroke. “The ritual of getting away from your chair, going to the open air, opening your perspective to other things, definitely helps one get more creative ideas,” he believes.

What can two players in a match who collaborate to build a brilliant game tell us about team working in business? Or, about dealing with suppliers?

Inspiration lies in details. Vinay chose Pele, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer, because they are the ‘Goliaths’ of sports. “The energy it provokes into its followers is usually taken as disturbing element in your working routine. Here the focus is on ideas, rituals, leadership that transformed sports like cricket, football and many others.

Pinnacles. But what if we could turn that energy to develop more creative and efficient solutions in our working life?”


The book – is mainly addressed to those who want to start a career, like MBA students, and are keen to learn new methods of creative thinking. The last section revolves around the most extraordinary performances of sport stars like Bannister’s under-four minute mile, Kapil Dev at Tunbridge Wells, Maradona at Mexico ’86, Martina at Wimbledon and Phelps at Beijing.

‘Lessons from the Playground’, however, is not only a manual on intellectual strategies. I wanted to proceed in steps, because I wanted to show that every single aspect in sport has a positive influence on business thinking.”

Francesca Ferrario

In his book, he presents the idea of ‘sporting timeout for businesses’. Sports can help connect the dots.”. This refers to the main sports events like the Olympics, World Cups, Wimbledon and Indian hockey.

Processes. However, the author explains that it is stimulating material for current managers, too.

The book argues that to make work more interesting, insightful and energetic, it is necessary to receive inputs from other domains. This is something borrowed from the management world. Different readers could more easily relate to them.”

Platforms. It’s about the story behind the stroke; the legacy that brings it to people; the cause and the drive that give you energy to overcome difficulties. It also encourages its readers to actually play a sport. “Ultimately,” Vinay says “this is a book on creative thinking.”

‘Lessons from the Playground’ is divided into four sections, each named after a ‘P':

Vinay Kanchan addresses these questions in ‘Lessons from the Playground’, his second book after he debuted as a writer with ‘The Madness Starts at 9′ in 2012. “Many games have strategic timeouts in which the coach calls a break and instructs the players on what to do next. “Having a hobby or a parallel activity that keeps your body engaged directly affects the way you think,” Vinay argues.

Follow @fraferrrario

“Sport is a vehicle to creativity,” he says

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Dua taruhan minimum dan tergantung pada kasino jumlah maksimum taruhan akan berkisar dari 5 sampai 8. Anda menemukan sebuah tim atau atas / bawah Anda sukai dan Anda hanya bertaruh bahwa. Anda akan pergi ke situs Frenbet99 Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET dan IBCBET atau membuat taruhan agen sbobet online dan memberitahu Olahraga buku Anda ingin 50 unit pada Bengals. Jika kedua taruhan menutupi Anda akan menerima 50 unit  Promo 100% SBOBET dan IBCBET Anda kembali plus tambahan 180 unit.

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“When I got the call that Liv Tyler was going into labor, after crying like….

Liv Tyler Reveals Newborn Son’s Name

Anchors away! Liv Tyler has announced her newborn son’s name, and it has a nautical ring to it. His grandfather, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, rushed to the hospital as soon as he heard daughter Liv had gone into labor

Let’s try ESL game!

This student may ask some question such as, “Who watched TV last night?” “Who played computer last night?” “Who did homework last night?” “Who played basketball last night?”

The students really love to play this game, and it gives students a chance to use past tense, future tense and present tense.

“Who went to bed at ten o’clock last night?” I did!. It is just a fun exercise that will help your students listen more efficiently.

“Who is going to their friend’s house after school?” I am!

What is ESL game? It is said to be one of the best games because it teaches speaking and listening at the same time. Then the teacher will ask the class a question, “Who ate noodles for lunch?” If any of the students ate noodles for lunch they will yell, “I did!” and then sit down. And you can make it more difficult by telling the students to ask present tense questions, past tense questions and future tense questions.

“Who is going to the beach after school?” I am!

“Who is going to department store after school? I am!

This is one of the most fun ESL games that I know. Then the teacher will ask the same question but with a different noun, “Who ate an orange for lunch?” If any of the students ate an orange for lunch they will yell, ” I did.”

“Who is going to the park after school?” I am!

Once all of the students are sitting in the their chairs…ask them to all stand up again. It doesn’t matter if the student sits down first or last. I hope that you can incorporate this into your lesson plans!

There are no winners. Why don’t you try that game?

The student that you select will now ask the class the questions, including the teacher. Now you can ask one of the students to act as the teacher.

“Who went to bed at nine thirty last night?” I did!

“Who went to bed at midnight last night?” I did!

The teacher or the students can ask any type of question, as long as it is appropriate.

First have all of your students stand up

Odds On Surviving – CBS News

All Rights Reserved.

Former presidents, from right, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Richard Hatch, who won the $1 million prize, and Sean Kenniff, one of the last contestants to be eliminated , gave Tina their vote. And even though the audience, and Survivor contestants don’t know the outcome, CBS producers do.

© MMI Viacom Internet Services Inc. Billy Graham, left, during a dedication for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C., Thursday, May 31, 2007. He, too, sees Keith in third at 7-2, followed by Tiny at 4-1.. His alliance with the former Ogakor tribe has proved to be a solid one.

Lupo picks Tennessee nurse Tina Wesson as his second favorite to win, with 2-1 odds. He gives chef Keith Famie 3-1 odds, and shoe designer Elisabeth Filarski 5-1.

Three contestants on the original Survivor show were asked who is going to win in the Outback and two of three chose Tina. Bush, look on with Rev. State law prohibits betting on events where the outcome is known. All rights reserved.

John Avello, director of the race and sports books for Bally’s and Paris hotel-casinos, also likes Colby’s chances, but picks Elisabeth to come in second with 5-2. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Gervase Peterson says the vote will come down to Tina and Keith , and Keith will win.

He’s the 3-2 favorite at the Stardust hotel-casino and 2-1 favorite at the Bally’s and Paris hotel-casinos.

“Colby has won many immunities and he looks like the strongest,” said Joe Lupo, manager at the Strip resort’s race and sports book.

Their Money On Keith, Tina

Copyright 2001 CBS. The Associated Press contributed to this report

Colby has won the last three immunity challenges and well as several reward challenges. AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Oddsmakers in Las Vegas are betting that Texas cowpoke Colby Donaldson will be the ultimate survivor in the Outback.

They’re betting that Colby will win the $1 million grand prize May 3 on CBS’ reality based series Survivor: The Australian Outback.

The odds are only hypothetical

Baccarat Betting Strategy – InfoBarrel

The game is typically associate with high rollers, but online gambling makes winning baccarat something anyone can do if they would like.

If you are not familiar with Punto Banco, it’s easy to understand.

Make the right bets.

Another baccarat betting strategy is avoiding the tie bet. To make the most of your cashroll when playing baccarat, do not make the game into one of thinking. The tie bet has a 14% house advantage, as opposed to the near 1% house advantage of the best bet at the table, Banker. Rather, simply spend as much time at the table as possible, and place bets (always on Banker) with plenty of spacing in between. Spend time conversing with other players and reap in free money from the courteous casino.. Casinos comp players with cold, hard cash, buffet tickets, and free drinks.

As I hope you can see, winning baccarat is not a matter of employing a baccarat betting system. Quite frankly, there is no thought involved in playing baccarat. Sadly, many con men make thousands selling books proclaiming to beat the casinos once and for all. The best of all baccarat systems is nothing more than enlongating the time spent at the table while minimizing the number of bets made. Slap your chips down on Banker every time, hope for the best, but expect to lose.

The game is simple to learn and quite fast-paced. In standard Punto Banco played at ritzy casinos, the shoe of cards is dealt around the table, with each player taking turns functioning as the banker. In an online casino, as well as in many brick-and-mortar casinos, a variation known as mini-baccarat exists, where the dealer always acts as the card-dealing banker.

Will a baccarat betting system work?

People looking for a baccarat betting strategy ought to learn that betting systems do not work, and this rule is the same for a baccarat betting system. Around the globe, the game has different meanings, but for the purposes of this article, the meaning addressed shall be that of Punto Banco baccarat. This ignorant belief is known as gambler’s fallacy, and is often the source of gambling addiction.

Nonetheless, gamblers can make a form of a baccarat betting strategy by extending the time of gameplay in brick-and-mortar casinos. Players make wagers on whether the Player or the Banker hand will be higher. Good luck!

Introduction to a baccarat betting strategy

Gamblers from all over the world have likely heard of the game baccarat, and may wish to learn of a baccarat betting strategy. As with any casino game, you probably won’t get rich, but this is, in all likelihood, the best way to keep your gaming dollar going and have a good time doing it. Many betting systems rely upon the assumption that events can be due and streaks are more likely to be broken the longer they go on